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One-Time Clean

Did spring come and go, and your home didn't get that Deep Clean you meant to tackle?

The holidays are coming and you want to make your family feel welcome with a freshly cleaned house?

The relative you love dearly has been ill and unable to keep up with the house work and the dust and grime are building up?

Erie Shores Cleaning Solutions is a family run and owned company that fully understands the obstacles of everyday life, and how easy it can be to fall behind on your cleaning To-Do list because family and loved ones always are priority. 

A Premium One-Time Clean will rejuvenate your home while saving you time and energy so you can spend it where it matters most. The committed team at Erie Shores Cleaning Solutions will go above and beyond to turn your house back into your home.

We offer TWO levels of cleans depending on the unique and specific needs for you home. Choose between a Standard One-Time Clean or a Deep One-Time Clean, and let Erie Shores be your Cleaning Solution!

Pricing and Details

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